Preparation Is Key

Due to serious health issues dealt with recently by a relative, I feel compelled to give a reminder about making some other preparations while in good health.  Facing serious illness brings challenges, but you can eliminate a couple issues from the list of potential challenges.

First, have a will in place.  This is important if you have dependents and/or significant assets in your estate.  If you have minor children, remember to also state your desires regarding guardianship of your children.

Second, have healthcare AND financial powers of attorney in place naming a trusted family member or friend to speak on your behalf if you are incapacitated. This provides the ability to have healthcare and financial issues managed according to your wishes.

The key is to take care of things while you are able and not in the middle of a crisis.  Handling these things from a hospital bed is not ideal, to say the least.  In most cases you cannot accomplish necessary legal paperwork while incapacitated, and you may not be able to deal with or discuss issues related to care or finances.

In any given family there will likely be people who are on top of these types of issues.
But even more likely, there are people who give no thought to “what will happen if…” or believe they can put things off.  To you I say “There is no time like the present!”  None of us know when we might suffer a disabling event, a life-threatening illness or become incapacitated.

Therefore you have to plan ahead.  As an adult child, find out if your parents have addressed these issues.  As a parent you may recognize the need to talk to your adult children about their own planning.  Maybe you need to have a discussion with your spouse about your collective situation.

Don’t put it off. These things may be uncomfortable to deal with, but if dealt with ahead of time, you will be thankful later in the midst of crisis.

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