Halcyon Financial Planning, LLC is a fee-only financial planning firm.

The following fee schedules outline the basic fees for providing requested services.
Specific fees for an engagement will be agreed upon between Halcyon and the Client and defined in a Service Agreement.

Hourly Fees: Halcyon’s normal hourly fee is $125 for clients who prefer an hourly billing arrangement, or who may only require advice on a single aspect of the management of their financial resources, or for general consulting services.

Retainer Fee: Clients may engage Halcyon on a quarterly retainer fee basis. The retainer fee would be based on the Client’s net worth at the beginning of the engagement with Halcyon. Such a retainer fee would cover all financial planning and advisory services provided during the course of a year. The annual retainer fee would be 3/4 of 1% (.0075) of net worth* with a minimum annual fee of $1,000. The fee includes periodic reviews of the Client’s financial situation.

Portfolio Advisory Services: Halcyon may also provide on-going investment portfolio advisory and management services.

Portfolio Size                                         QUARTERLY                   ANNUALLY
FIRST $500,000                                        .25%                                 1.00%
NEXT $500,000 to $2,000,000              .20%                                   .80%
Assets Over $2,000,000                           .125%                                 .50%

Subject to a minimum fee of $250 per quarter. Actual fee schedule agreed to may be different.

*Net Worth includes investment assets over which Client has control, such as investment accounts, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, vested stock options, etc. Additional fees may be charged for business or real estate analysis.